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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I missed the Kickstarter campaign! Is it too late to donate?

NO! It is NEVER too late to donate. We’re still accepting donations through the ABG website through Paypal. Please click on the DONATE tab on the homepage if you’re interested in making a contribution. No amount is too small. We appreciate the support!

2. I’m an actor! Where do you guys shoot? How can I audition for ABG?

ABG shoots in Los Angeles, CA and all auditions are done locally. We like to meet our actors and engage with them in person, so unfortunately we can’t accept any other audition methods (skype, demo reels, etc).

If you are here in Los Angeles, please be on the lookout for upcoming casting opportunities on our web site. We will post audition dates and times on the site if and when there is an opportunity to bring in new talent.

3. Are you accepting internship applications? If so, how do I apply?

Yes! We are currently accepting internship applications. Interns must be currently enrolled in a credited college or university. Our interns are unpaid, but will receive college credit upon completion of the internship. Please send your resume and a short cover letter explaining your area of interest(s) to internships@issarae.com. If selected, we will contact you with more information.

4. I’m a writer! How can I write for ABG?

Thanks for your interest in writing for ABG! Unfortunately, we’ve already hired our writing staff for season one. If there are any future opportunities to apply for our writing staff, we will post it on our website, as well as our application requirements. For legal reasons, we can no longer accept unsolicited writing samples.

5. I donated on Kickstarter! When will I receive my reward?

Thank you for contributing to our campaign! We’re in the process of manufacturing all Kickstarter rewards. This process will take time. We thank you for your patience. We will periodically send email updates to keep you updated on our progress. Please expect a final email before we ship the Kickstarter rewards to the mailing address you’ve provided via our Kickstarter survey.

6. When are the episode release dates for Season Two?

Episode 1: June 14th
Episode 2: July 12th
Episode 3: August 9th
Episode 4: September 13th
Episode 5: October 11th
Episode 6: November 8th
Episode 7: December 13th
Episode 8: December 27th
Episode 9: January 10th
Episode 10: January 24th
Episode 11: February 14th
Episode 12: February 28th

7. Can I submit awkward moments, storyline ideas, and character suggestions for ABG?

Although we love our fans and all of your creativity, we can’t officially accept any unsolicited awkward moments, storyline ideas, and character suggestions. This is for our legal protection, as well as yours. Thanks for your understanding.

8. I’d like to be part of the ABG production team. How can I apply?

If you’re interested in joining our crew, please send a resume and brief cover letter explaining your area of interest(s) to production@issarae.com. If there is an opportunity, we will contact you with more information.

9. I’m an independent musician/artist and I would love to have my song placed on ABG! How can I submit?

In order to submit, you must own 100% synch and master rights. All of the songs you submit must be original to you and/or controlled solely by you. If there are co-owners, we will need their permission as well. If you wish to submit music that contains any samples you must be absolutely certain that they are royalty-free and cleared for use. You must be certain that you have the rights to all of the elements used in any recordings you submit to us. Unauthorized samples are not permitted. You are legally responsible if it turns out there are other parties involved that have not been properly identified. ABG takes no responsibility and are indemnified by the License Agreement.

If you fit these requirements, please send links (soundcloud, yousendit, personal websites are preferable) of your music to music@issarae.com and if we can use it in our show, we will send you an ABG music licensing agreement.